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Default Wrist injury

I have a significant problem with both wrists, especially my left.

About 12 weeks ago, I went bouldering for the 1st time. Zero pain while I was climbing. But, a little later that day I developed bad pain in my right wrist and very bad pain in my left wrist. It felt like the pain in each wrist was in the tendons.

About 3 weeks ago, I slipped on a tile floor and sprained my left wrist.

I didnít think either injury was that bad, but my wrists donít seem to be healing at all. The pain is still bad if I so much as try to hold a dish.

When I went to my doctor, he sent me to an orthopedist who said that itís an overuse injury of the flexor tendons in each wrist and also a sprain in the left wrist. Nothing is torn. Nothing is broken. His advice was to wear a brace 24/7, never pick up anything weighing more than a couple pounds, try not to drive, and never do anything that hurts. He thinks another half year to year to heal. I appreciate his advice, but itís not feasible for me.

At some points in my life, I might have been fine with waiting the year. However, this is an extremely inconvenient time to have my wrists out of commission. In the next few months, I either need to heal my wrists or to start working through the pain. I would be very open to any suggestions, possibly even if they were time-consuming or expensive.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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