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Matt Morris
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Whenever doing a hang snatch, I think to myself, "Dip, then bow"...this means from a standing position, bend only the knees to dip down 2-3 inches, then bow by sending my ass backwards (instead of bowing forwards b/c you want the center of gravity to stay over the middle to back of your foot).

I think your first lift looks better b/c you weight is further back as you initiate the pull. On the second lift, it looks like you are bowing forward w/o any dip to soften the knees (which makes it more like a dynamic stiff leg DL), and pushes the weight too far in front of you.

Also, while you are bowing, your lats should be firing like a maniac to keep the bar as far back as possible. Imagine someone tied a rope to the bar and was standing in front of you pulling it, you would need to pull the bar back using your lats like a swimmer doing the fly stroke.

Hope this helps and makes sense.
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