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Matt Morris
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Hey Jeff, I feel your pain. I've got a 10 month old at home, am fat and have back pain, arm/shoulder flexibility issues and a torn groin that's healing slowly.

I have a bit of advice, and then a couple of q's.

1) mobilize every day. Spend some time in a deep squat w/ a vertical torso and sometime stretching your hip flexors every single day
1b) while you are healing, eat a ton of good food...eating too little while you are recovering is a good way to not recover.
2) when you can (ie cleared by a doc or something), then start adding all varieties of squatting and pulling volume. Start relatively light and work your way up. Do high volume for positions you want to improve and do lower volume w/ higher weights for strength that you want to gain.
3) sprinkle in a bunch of the exercises from Greg's article on the P-Chain...its worth the 2.50 I paid for it.
4) when that feels like you're healthy, start doing the full lifts. with light weight in singles and doubles. Or follow one of greg's beginner cycles that he has on the website or in his book.

Where are you? do you have access to a good coach? What equipment do you have access to?

Take Care and Good Luck!
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