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Hey Matt, thanks for the input!

I'm in the Phoenix area and there are some good coaches around; Joe Micela (sending Sara Robles to the London this summer) being one. That said, coaching is a bit cost prohibitive for me personally, at least with regularity. I do plan on attending, back allowing, a USAW level 1 coaching cert at the end of May.

Personally I've got a cheap bar and some iron weights, not even a squat rack sadly. I had been doing training for o-lifting specifically at a crossfit affiliate but that's paused now that I'm healing up. I was also doing it for free which wasn't going to be lasting much longer.

All that said I can get access to squat rack and all that so that I can do lots of slow lift work, but no bumpers. I have dreams of saving up the cash to buy some, but that's a little bit of a ways off. Fortunately I lift some pretty light weights so I can buy a little at a time as my capabilities grow.

All that is part of the reason I structured my plan with serious oly stuff farther out, it fit my equipment procurement plan a little better.
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