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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post

In regards to the shoe thing, for right now I'm going to try to stick with my Free's and see how that treats me, if I start feeling it too much I will consider getting some other shoes at that point. I just don't want to rush into buying a pair because I know to get a decent pair it's around $100 (the last Asics I got were $110).
$100! They set me back close to 100. $2 to 1 at the mo...

Have a go at 3 runs, 2 metcon type workouts and some recovery/prehab/rehab stuff. Maybe one metcon, one strength session. Strength doesn't have to be balls to the wall ME does it? Will you be subject to strength tests like push ups and pull ups? I guess pull ups are more a Navy/Marine thing.
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