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Since my last update a lot has happened, my wife ended up having to have an emergent decompression and cranio-cervical fusion up in Maryland with a Chiari specialist neurosurgeon. We are back in SC now and she begins her recovery process, which will be a long and hard road I'm afraid but I know she can do it.

Training wise these last 2-3 weeks has been just fooling around the hotel gym with the kids, stretching and taking walks while the kids are at the playground between visiting the hospital. I thought about hitting the YMCA this morning but who am I kidding? I felt exhausted, I've been waking up 2-3 times a night to give Laurie her medicine. She was instructed to go on a mile walk everyday by the neurosurgeon, if she is feeling bad 1 mile, if she is feeling good, 1 mile, if it's raining take an umbrella.
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