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Originally Posted by Matt Morris View Post
That's the one!

I have to admit that I get a bit nervous when I hear people are doing much C/J and Snatch work at their crossfit affiliate. I've lifted w/ some of the guys that are oly lifting certified by CF and there seems to be a very wide range in quality. Ugly form at light weight and high reps can hurt you, no matter how conditioned you are.

Its probably worth it in terms of long term health care costs to pay for a good coach, rather than a bad coach (or no coach). From what I understand, spine surgery isn't cheap.
Yeah I totally know what you mean. I was lifting, physically, at a CF affiliate but it was not CF programming. It was just a group of people who wanted to focus solely on O-lifting and one of the made a program modified from some of the Catalyst stuff, none of the CF nonesense. I was doing a heavy (relative) single and received the bar nice and low, but too far forward and I felt the strain all up the right side of my back. So I think my torso was leaned too far forward and likely my low back was rounded due to my lack of flexibility in the bottom like that.

A few days later it's a little stiff and somewhat sore, but the more I move the better if feels, nothing sharp, just sore.
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