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Not sure that anyone agreed with me on the other thread so I'll pose this as a question for James/running people et al...

Do you think there is benefit for those starting out with a sharp jump in their running goal (like Allen going from sprints and what not to a solid 5 miles tempo runs) to concentrating on fixing form issues at the start?

I am not a runner. I have not "run" for "running" sake for about 15 years. I have done a good deal of experience training in other endurance events.

If someone came to me and asked "how to I train for a 1 hour criterium or a 10k time trial?" The first thing I would do is check their position and understand their natural cadence to correct form issues.

In my mind Cycling requires far less kinesthetic awareness than running but form is still hyper critical for efficient fast cycling. It's not that you can't gut it out..... but being able to hammer without good form leaves you mid pack at best.

Now I know that this is the case in cycling but am I way off base when it comes to running? Do form, cadence and gate not really make that big a difference?
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