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1) Would you recommend doing single arm rows one day, and a bilateral movement ring rows another day as opposed to just doing single arm movements?

2) I have been reading lately that chin-ups train the clavicular portion of the chest, but does not contribute any significant hypertrophy. Have you found vertical pulling to help with upper chest/ clavicular development?

3) What are your thoughts on using dumbbells to simulate the planche, back lever with straight arm lifts? Do you find these help supplement the static positions well? With the iron cross i remember reading that it can only be proper simulated if inverted or using a cable cross-over machine. Are there any other ways to simulate cross pulls with standard gym equipment?

4) Any idea on movements that pair well together that fall under the same category? Like hspu with pppu, or dips and hspu?

5) If using weighted progressions like dips and pull-ups, is their ratio of ur max relative to ur bodyweight to see carry over to static holds? I think i remember seeing one about wtd pullups and the front lever.

6) I can't do a single chest to bar deadhang pull-up, despite have a 1-2 second front lever. For technique I stay in a hollow body position and focus on retracting my shoulder blades as well as activating the lats, which in the past I did not. Do you think additional scapula retraction exercises as well as lower trap work would help fill the gap? Or using a lat pull-down with various grips as an accessory exercise?
1. I honestly don't think it matters that much. As long as you are loading your movement parameters and progressing quickly it's good. I would recommend sticking with one for an entire cycle and then if you want switch to a different variation for the reasons I delineated in OG.

2. Clavicular head of the pec is hit better in vertical or incline pressing movements. Flies / horizontal adduction hit it somewhat.

3. I find it better to work on the positions themselves better than trying to simulate them for strength and awareness for body position. Thus, I would do a majority of work with that. However, weights tend to give a slightly better hypertrophy response so if you're looking for that then a microcycle or whole cycle of that can work.

Cross you can work with the floor pulley cables im some type of fashion.

4. Whatever your goals are.... I like keeping horizontal pulling in for obvious reasons but no big need to pair things as long as you keep imbalances away.

5. I think this depends on the person more. Jim, for instance, said he saw some good carryover from weighted dips to his planche. I did not see much carryover to planche from my weighted dips. The pulls saw more translation for me.

The charts have weighted dips/weighted pullups on them if you check them out again.

6. Retracted vs. protracted scapulas is relative. See more details here for the discussion on different pressing exercises (and the same would apply relatively to pulling):

If you allow your shoulders to come forward you can probably touch the chest to bar and get higher. That's probably fine, given the mechanics of the movement, especially within that extra range of motion.
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