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Thanks Matt-

I've really been working my butt off these last few weeks to keep the bar as close as possible during the second pull and also getting the right movement on the bar right off the floor in the first pull.

And thanks for the advice on staying warm. It was at least 12-15 minutes between my first attempt (shown in the vid) and second attempt (which was so atrocious, I couldn't put it up here). I really blame the waiting period on this one. I see a lot of people taking other reps to stay warm, but I gotta think that if they are going heavy, they will tire themselves out and if they go light, the heavy weight in the competition attempt might be too much of a shock to adapt to. I like the idea of air squats and arm circles--the blood keeps moving and I can think about my next attempt without messing it up or getting distracted by some rep I pull off to the side somewhere.


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One other thing, and I totally don't mean this to sound like a jerk or anything. Lose the hat.
No problem.

thanks Matt
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