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So much traveling and haven't really been training much, but I have been lugging around heavy things and doing a lot of walking, if that counts.

I did get the chance to attend two classes at Marcelo Garcia's academy in NYC, which was awesome. In the first one, we worked on a guard pass when they get the underhook, so you transition to the back step after posting the far side leg, and they trap the leg/foot half-guard-ish, and then you slide to the other side, and then have your leg posted again, and then end up in side control somehow... That probably makes no sense and I'm only remembering 90% of it, but that's how it goes. And then we worked on a double-attack from mount. Then switched to no-gi for an advanced class taught by Marcelo himself. We worked on a North-South choke and a Marcelotine and got to do a bunch of 7-minute rounds, plus takedown practice.

My food has been pretty bad since I've been traveling. Most of my choices have been Paleo, but I'm definitely not eating enough due to a combination of not wanting to spend tons of money and not having any time. I'm psyched to fly home tomorrow (Wed) but leaving again on Thurs or Fri to cover an event for Sherdog... Can't wait 'til next week when life is more normal again.
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