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Default 1st Pull Help

Hello Everyone,

I posted this over in Glenn's forum as well, but I thought I may get a different opinion in this forum as there can be some disagreement about form from camp to camp.

When I set up for my pulls I bring the bar close to the shin, and once I initiate the 1st pull the very first movement of the bar is away from the body. This is momentary and from the second after the bar breaks from the ground the bar starts cutting in toward my body. Now, I know that coaches prefer the bar to start mid-foot to the base of toes, but I have never been strong from this position. Should I deload and start working this out of my pull?

With my current set up, I get the shins to vertical as the bar passes the knees still, so I am not sure if it is an issue.

Here are two snatches from the same session (Approximately 95% max). One is a miss and one is a make.


Make -

Thank you for any help/opinions I may receive.
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