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The problem in a basic sense is that your balance is shifting constantly the whole way up - your bar is moving in a zig zag patter, in and out. Even in the make, your balance overall is too far forward - that's why you shift around in the bottom like that - you shove your hips forward to get them under the bar, but then have to shift back over the feet quickly to re-establish balance.

The dynamic start you're doing is the first problem. As you drop your hips into place to start, you do a weird jerking action that rolls the bar forward abruptly. Since the position itself is good, I would say yes, you're trying to set the bar too far back over your foot initially. After that jerk thing, you end up in a vertical arm position, which is what you want. So set the bar up in that position from the start.

Set up in the position you want to leave the floor from and you can put the bar as close to your shins as possible - then don't let the bar/foot relative position change during your pre-lift activities and dynamic start. You will drive yourself crazy trying to fix this stuff if you're moving the bar around before the lift even starts.

Next problem, which is where you're probably talking about disagreement being, is that you push your knees too far back as you bring the bar up and rock so far back on your heels that your toes leave the floor. This sets up the rest of the problems in the lift. Just lift the bar up and back along w your shoulders so that you maintain that approximate vertical arm orientation to the level of the knees - after that, your shoulders should start getting farther forward of the bar. Keep your weight back toward the heels, but don't get so far back that you start water skiing - that just sets up this see-saw motion and brings you too far forward afterward.
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