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Week 1 of doing this strictly.

6:00am to 18:00hrs(6:00pm) - 2 blocks every hour on the hour.

Man can a guy train hard when caloric intake is high. I'm currently about 155lbs around 12-13% bodyfat and surprisingly I've leaned out. (Yeah I went on a carbohydrate binge for about a month and felt like death... ) Life is better now, and I'm getting to bed no later than 10:00 these days.

Training looks like this:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday
2 lifts - 10 sets of 3 (load: 75-85% of max)
WOD (Metabolic)
Gymnastics Skills

ride my single speed road bike 8kms into town - mostly downhill 25minutes through traffic.

go about my day looking for work

17:00 (5:00pm)
ride back home - mostly uphill, good fun and I try to sprint up those hills.

eat last meal of the day and start downing water.
Do some core work with my nifty-fandangled custom made GHD.
Do some PNF flexibility training mixed in with core work.

Things are looking up...

Lastly lets just say the ladies aren't really diggin' my apartment these days, mainly due to it being a well equiped 1 bedroom crossfit gym.

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