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Smile My Olympic/gymnastics routine

Id like to get some help, and thoughts on my routine, if you would be so kind, as to reply, thank-you in advance. For gymnastics statics you hold lets say a l-sit for failure 20 seconds, then you split it into 2 sets of 10 seconds, so 2x10, then in 2 months re test your max? is this correct?

A Tuesday
1.Handstands 4x15, then 4xfailure walking up wall on hands- what are more advanced progressions? Cant keep my balance up with my handstand should i still chose another progression?
2.Back leaver 2x8
3. l-sit 2x10
4. reverse hyper extensions weighted 3x8 good idea?
5. advance frog stance 2x10
6. front leaver 2x8
7. iron cross pull, on lat pull-down 3x5 good idea?

B Wednesday
1. weighted push-ups 3x5 weight on back
2. weighted inverted rows 3x5 weight on chest good idea?
3. Front Squat 5/3/1
4. Shrugs 3x5
5. calf raises 3x8

C Friday
1. advance frog stance 2x10
2. front leaver 2x8
3. l-sit 2x10
4. step-ups 3x8
5. handstands 4x15
6.back leaver 2x8
7. iron cross pull, on lat pull-down 3x5

D saturday
1. hand stand presses 3x5 not full rom, 1 drop rep, 3x8 on toes
2.weighted pull-ups 4x5
3. straight bar dips 2x failure waiting till i reach 8 to add weight 2x5
4. Russian dips 2x failure might change later to weighted regular dips 2x5
5. Power cleans 5/3/1
6. Roman Dead lift 5/3/1
7.leg raises 3xfailure, should i look into dragon flags, and ab wheel?

Thanks for reading.
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