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So I got home on Wednesday and then left for Madison on Thursday and then for Milwaukee on Friday to cover some fights for Sherdog... I got to visit Red Schafer's gym this morning (Saturday), which is always a blast. He's just a really good coach and it's a nice vibe, plus we worked deep half guard sweeps, and we don't do a lot of deep half at my gym, so it was fun. And I talked Heather Bassett into visiting, too, so I could train with her. She is an ammy MMA fighter with some good game, but I felt like I could hang (even though she's a lot better), so it was cool. She did work some nice sweeps a lot of times and gave me some pointers to fix up my positioning. Rolled with a brown belt, another white belt, and Heather again. (She's a blue, but a lot smaller than me, but very technical.) Then I rolled with one guy who was telling me I could do everything he could do if I understood little details, and to be like water and all this bullshit. I really hate abstract philosophical concepts disguised as legitimate (as in, helpful) pointers, because they're pretty much meaningless to me. But yeah, he had some good hooks and was fun to roll with. It was nice to get to train so much. Even though I'm not where I want to be, I felt like I could hang pretty well.

I am stuck in Madison now because of the storms I was avoiding on the way home, but at least there's a workout room here and a pool, so I'll get some work in. Honestly my biggest problem lately isn't not enough workouts, but that I'm not eating enough since I want to avoid eating crap and also due to my own forgetfulness. Like two days ago I had a cup of coffee, and then I ate breakfast at a cafe that I know has Paleo options, and then at like 10 at night I realized that I hadn't eaten dinner, but of course I had to work, and I didn't get to eat until the wee early morning hours, when I had the best diner food I could find, which wasn't very good. Steak and powder eggs.

But yeah, BJJ today, probably 90 minutes. Oh and I ran out of gas so I had to walk to the gas station to fill up my gas can and walk back to my car. Been a long time since I've done that!

I am so tired of being away from home... tomorrow will be nice.
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