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I'm doing another 30 day Paleo thing. Just tired of eating crappy while traveling and I feel gross. So!

Day 1: 2 paleo muffins + chicken apple hash for breakfast, chicken curry for lunch, a bit of pork tenderloin for dinner...

Jits today. I'm really really really bored in class. We just keep doing boring things, and my coach insists on breaking them down in even more boring ways sometimes. Like there's be a three-step progression and I won't get the third step right away, so he'll tell me just to focus on the first two steps that I already know. And it's not like we're even drilling against resistance. It just feels so choreographed. I told him I was bored today, which was probably not smart, but he did ask why I was acting not like myself. I just feel like I'm forced to play scales when I just wanna jam. So I guess I have to decide whether to try to go to every single class so I'll get striped sooner and will be allowed to go to the classes where I can roll, or to just do 2-3 classes a week and have more time to lift weights. And still not sure what my goals are.
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