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Default Log for W & J

Coming into Cathletics after 6 months of CFFB and a month or so of my own conditioning/oly prep work programming. Exhausted the CFFB linear progression and I love oly lifting...a buddy of mine (an AsRx athlete) who was out here with me introduced me to Catalyst. I respect the hell out of the programming you guys have put together, and even after a single night my body tells me how intelligently designed this is. I'm beat the hell up, but definitely not broken. And disturbingly excited for tonight. The book and dvd are ordered.

Starting with the April 2009 10-week cycle because it fits into the time frame my partner and I have before we go on R&R.

Snatch - 70% x 2 x3
W - 115x2x2x2 --needs mucho skills work
J - 115x2x2x2 --same, same. probably could have gotten it at ~135, though

Snatch pull - 90% x3 x3
W - 185x3 175x3x3 --much stronger than my snatch would imply
J - 195x3x3x3

Snatch deadlift - 90% x3 x3
W - 195x3x3x3
J - 205x3x3x3

Front squat - 75% x3 x5
W - 165x3x3x3x3x3 --a little light. Find out the real weight Saturday, i guess
J - 185x3x3x3x3x3

Weighted GHD - x3 x8
W - 35#x3x8 --full extension
J - 45#x3x8 --needs to get a touch deeper

W - 5'6, 158#
J - 5'10(?), 204!

Thanks to Greg and crew for providing this to us plebians for free. I'll make sure to buy some swag and do my tiny little part to help spread The Good Word of Weightlifting.
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