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Skipped fundamentals and went to Los Campeones to lift weights. Did the 3rd workout from the one I started before I went traveling. I guess it was dumb to pay for a monthly gym membership when out of town for 1/3 of the month, but whatever.

Anyway, it was:

4X3 db sn (I did 15, 20, 25 and 30)
4X6 vertical thruster (same: 15/20/25/30)
4X8 db iron cross (just 8 for this guy)

3X8 db renegade row (20/25/30)
3X4 db t-pushups (struggling on these even with a 15)

Then I just did a bunch of drill type stuff b/c i was bored and wanted to work up a sweat; just working my double and standing base and some other improvised drills with the equipment at that gym.

Food for today
breakfast: 3 eggs + 3 strips of bacon
snack: an apple with almond butter, 4 dried apricots
lunch: some leftover rotisserie chicken
dinner: Paleo fried chicken (with almond butter) and cauliflower mash (with chicken stock and butter)

So that's day 2 of being strict Paleo, and I'm trying to see if I still have meltdowns when I want sugar and can't get it, but not so far. Mostly craving fat lately... though I do have dreams of this chai latte at the Angry Catfish that I really want...
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