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Intermediate class today. We had a fun warmup for a change where everyone went around the room and picked an exercise for us to do 10 of. Plus 10 jumping jacks in between. When it got to me it was close to the end and I picked standing base, which sucked because I did so many yesterday for fun, but I didn't want to be the girl who made people do leg scissors or some BS. But I was nice and only made people do 5 per side instead of 20 total.

Class was a progression from side control to knee on belly with a choke grip, transitioning to a baseball choke, then transitioning from a baseball choke defense to an arm triangle, and then transitioning from a triangle defense to a n/s kimura and n/s choke. Then we got to do 15 minutes of training from side where the guy on top works subs and getting to mount, and the guy on the bottom just tried to defend. It was actually pretty fun b/c I was working with a cool purple belt who's really good (and little) and I actually passed to mount a couple times, which was awesome, but he has really tricky hooks. And of course my defense could always use more work.

I was sort of dreading going to class today because I told my coach I was bored on Monday, but he took it really well actually and he actually was helpful today. On Monday I felt like he was super condescending and kept telling me how to do stuff I was already doing or telling me not to worry about stuff if I didn't get it right away (even when my partner wasn't getting it and then he'd just help them), but this time he gave really good pointers that were helpful, so that was good. And I got a good workout and the training wasn't boring. I really think if I've learned anything from all of my experiences (good and bad) at all the gyms I've ever been to that you really have to teach people how to treat you.

Food today was pretty good. I actually had a meeting at this ice cream place and didn't stop to eat ice cream, so that was good. Not that I'm never gonna eat ice cream again, but I still feel like I'm detoxing from eating crappy food while traveling and then for much of the end of March/early April, too. I thought my scale was broken when I came home from 2 days in Milwaukee/Madison, since I don't think you can gain 8 lbs. in 2 days, but I already magically lost 6 of them. I think it was probably just me retaining water from eating high sodium food, which I never do, but I still want to be more strict with my diet for a while.

I always wonder if I'm getting too many calories from fat, but I also know from experience that trying to limit fat makes me want to kill people and doesn't help my body comp, and if I am gonna cut back on anything, cutting back/eliminating sugar makes me feel much better mood-wise and has the results I want.

Breakfast: green eggs (which is like blended spinach and eggs with some Old Bay seasoning), plus veggie chips
Lunch: a really yummy salad with some leftover Rotisserie chicken
Snacks: carrot sticks with almond butter, and I made some nori chips, which were okay
Dinner: pork chops with apples and onions, plus garlic broccoli

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