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Right on. I'm actually from Tampa...may have to swing by, pick up some heavy shit, and get a massage when I get home.

Clean & Jerk 70% x2 x3
W - 160x2 160x2 160x2
J - 185x2 185x2 185x2

Clean Pull 90% x3 x3
W - 190x3 190x3 190x3
J - 210x3 210x3 210x3

Clean Deadlift 100% x3 x3
W - 210x3 210x3 210x3
J - 230x3 230x3 230x3

Back Squat 75% x3 x5 -- THIS HURT.
W - 230x3 230x3 230x3 230x1x2 230x3 --Had to stop because I ripped my boxers in the bottom of the squat.
J - 250x3 250x3 250x3 250x3 250x3

Hanging leg raise 3x10
Kb side bend 3x10@24kg
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