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Default Martial Arts Conditioning

Originally Posted by Yael Grauer View Post
I did 15 seconds of sprinting and 45 seconds of rest on a treadmill for 20 minutes five days a week when I was trying to improve my run time in my pre-Crossfit days. It was an idea from a boxer/boxing coach/SF stud I know. I got my 12-minute mile down to a 7-minute mile this way.
Makes sense, although I'm suprised since some boxing coaches are still "old school", i.e. conditioning consists of long slow running. I think this thinking was based on the concept that since a fight was fifteen 3 minute rounds, a fighter should run at a constant pace for 45 minutes. The misconception lies in the fact that the action in a fight is not constant. I train a number of wrestlers (hs 6 min match, college 7 min match) and studies have shown that intense action of 15-25 seconds is usually interupted by 10-30 seconds of "less intense" activity.
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