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So I took today off instead of going to fundamentals because I didn't feel like it. And I didn't lift anything because I'm sort of sore and just wanted to chill and get caught up on my work. I got my inbox down from 600 to 32 and cleared 99 windows on my browser down to 5 and got a bit more caught up on the piles of work that have been building up since I left town. And I skipped class...

I actually thought a lot about this, and whether I should go to as many classes as I can so I can get striped sooner and go to better classes, or just chill...and I decided I'd rather just go when I feel like it and enjoy the journey. Or try to.

And same when I decided I really wanted a chai latte today. I'm not an automaton, and honestly I feel like the times I did Whole30 super strictly the rebound probably killed any benefit. I'm still wanting to really cut back on crap food in a very big way for a while, but I figured a chai as my only cheat food all week won't kill me.

Food today...

Breakfast/Lunch: a banana and some salad with mixed greens, carrots, tomatoes and Dinner: chicken cacciatore (with peppers, etc.)
Snacks: an apple with almond butter, a handful of almonds, a chai latte

Probably not enough food, though I did have 2 big bowls of the salad.
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