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For gymnastics statics you hold lets say a l-sit for failure 20 seconds, then you split it into 2 sets of 10 seconds, so 2x10, then in 2 months re test your max? is this correct?
For isometrics I would suggesting working about 3-5 sets of 60-70% max hold... then retesting after a week or so.

This is outlined in the book. The same for both strength and skill isometrics (handstand, L-sit, and the strength ones like back lever, front lever, planche, etc.).

And then pretty much what Troy said... narrow down the goals.

3x full body tends to work best. Otherwise, maybe a push/pull or 2 day split you'll do a couple times a week. 3 day or more splits are just inefficient and you'll progress rather slow, especially in developing strength.
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