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I went to Los Campeones again to lift weights. But I'm not sure I'm going to finish the 4-week program I started because I don't really see the point. I am sort of stuck trying to figure out what I want to do in the gym but mostly I just want it to be fun.

So I did like 20 dumbbell snatches and a 30-second L-sit and a bunch of c+j with just the bar. Then I tried to see if I can still get a 2:20 500m row, which I can't, because my cardio sucks, because I'm not rolling. I can only do like 426m in 2:20. Need to work on this. Did some seesaw presses and seated rows for fun.

Then started playing around with some MovNat-esque type stuff. I don't have a 100 lb. log but played with just a bar for now--dead-->c+j-->shoulder walk--> squat.

Breakfast: 2 sunny side up eggs over cabbage
Lunch: leftover chicken cacciatore
Dinner: 2 brats, kraut
Snack: the guy at the bank gave me two of those little chocolate things and I totally ate them. chocolate is my crack. Good thing they were tiny. Oh and I had a Larabar

Definitely not enough food, and now I'm working, so that sucks.
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