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Went to the park to try to do some MovNat-type stuff today. My climbing needs a bit of work, but I wonder how much of it is because my arms have been somewhat jacked for different reasons for the past 5 years or so. I totally don't want to whine (my brother just fractured a bone in his hand playing Ultimate, and my boyfriend's sister has her foot all wrapped up because she has some bone-on-bone action; very little cartilage and osteoarthritis already) but when I get time and money some day I hope to really get some serious SASTYM and deep tissue work done to kind of iron out all the kinks, especially in my right arm. But yeah, some of the stuff I tried to do was hard, even though I feel like I *should* be able to do it.

My food today was pretty much horrible... We went bowling for Mother's Day with Todd's family and got food afterwards and... I knew I wasn't paying so felt weird ordering a $10 strawberry salad... so I just ate pizza with everyone else. Probably the equivalent of 3-4 slices or so, they were in little squares so hard to say. I felt so gross afterwards but Todd (who's way more Paleo than I) was eating it too and sometimes it's easier to just go with the flow.

Groceries today were like $60 each for Todd and I, which is a bummer. I swear I try to follow all the Paleo on a budget guidelines, but between the 2 of us, we spend about $500/month on food, which seems pretty high. And that's just groceries, and not including eating out. Actually, I can get reimbursed for a lot of meals out for one of my blogging gigs, but it forces me to eat crappy food (and the pay for the actual writing is low), so I haven't been doing that as much. But $250 on groceries is more than I want to spend... Hopefully gardening will help a bit. And we did have to get things like olive oil...

Oh and since it was grocery shopping day and I always get one thing at TJ's that's crap food, this time I got about 8 oz. of chocolate. That's actually not too bad b/c I usually get one of those 16 oz. things of dark chocolate peanut butter cups, but needless to say, this was a pretty bad day of eatin'.

I guess I could pretend that bowling is a sport and that I needed pizza for my post-workout meal. Or not. LOL.


Breakfast: scrambled eggs and apple sauce with cinnamon
Lunch: leftover rotisserie chicken
Snacks: 3-4 slices of pizza, 8 ounces of chocolate
Dinner: ground pork with spinach stir fry

Despite my crappy food today, I'm pretty psyched that I lost all the weight I gained during traveling just this past week, which was quicker than expected, but I still have some ways to go to get back to my competition weight. When I compete with a gi I usually wear a 3-lb. lightweight gi so I only have to cut to 138 and can be in the 141 with a gi bracket, and I'd like to hover around 141 or so because I can usually lose the remaining 3 pretty quickly by eating bland food and taking fasted walks for a week or so. But I'm at 149 and that's really high, even though I'm not planning on competing anytime soon.

I *really* need performance-based goals so I don't obsess about my weight, though, which is pretty unhealthy and meaningless and a waste of my time. So I made a list of random goals to try to fixate on instead of numbers on a scale... some natural movement type stuff, the CF Level 1 Standards I don't have, and perhaps some stuff with weights.

Movement Stuff

I can already do the balancing, crawling and running okay, and I'm pretty sure I can throw/catch okay. I want to test my 4' jump (one leg and two-leg), and I'm working on my climbing skills and lifting/carrying. Basically I want to make sure I can squat 100 lbs. on one shoulder. I could do 45 a bunch of times and need to ramp it up. So:

-lifting/carrying (squatting)

CF Level 1 Stuff

-I want to work on my rowing time, since my gym has rowers, and I've unfortunately really lost a lot of my metabolic efficiency by never rolling. So in this order:
-500m in 2:20, and then once I get that,
-2000m in 9:50

-Same with running, and I worked on this great sprinting article for Experience Life, so lots of stuff from there to practice. In this order:
-400m in 2:04
-800m in 4:20
-1 mile in 9:00

I can probably do these already, but haven't tested myself yet.

-25 wall balls I'm 110% sure I can do right away; just need to find a way to test them.

Then these 3 are all sort of on the back burner. 3 pullups and 3 dips. I can't even do dips without my right arm clicking (I can do like 1), and it doesn't want to go down all the way, so I probably need to get some serious work done on it first. Pullups are the bane of my existence, and again, I have all these arm issues. And the third is "Christine," which wouldn't work at my gym unless I want to run from the rowers upstairs to the bar and box downstair for the deads and box jumps, which would make it harder to finish in 15 minutes. Still, when I first started CF, I really wanted to get all these Level 1 goals and never have, so it's something to work on, I guess.

Just want to get my numbers back up to what they used to be. Might as well, again, since I'm not competing any time soon. I want to get the "Advanced" numbers for my weight in the press, bench press, power clean, squat and deadlift. I can probably do some of these already, but need to test them. And I'll try to get them all at intermediate first, and then advanced.

So here's my list:

1. climb
2. jump
3. lift/carry/squat
4. row
5. run
6. wallballs (quick one to knock off the list)
7. press (72/94)
8. bench (105/135)
9. power clean (101/133)
10. squat (141/185)
11. deadlift (176/241)

1. pullups
2. dips
3. Christine

Anyway, I'm thinking I could structure my workouts like this:

1. Speed/warm-up... this could be where I do running or rowing, or wallballs once before I can knock it off the list
2. Movement type stuff: climbing and/or jumping ('til goal is reached)
3. Lifting: starting with my lift/carry squat up to 100 lbs., and then after I get that, work on improving my squat, clean, and/or dead. Maybe focus on 1-2 at a time.
4. finish off with a press or bench. I honestly think I can prob. do the press right away. My bench has always sucked.
5. stretching/rehab/prehab

Maybe work in some conditioning before 4+5 if I still have energy and feel like it... Standing base, wrestling shots, moving on my back, sweeps, etc. Whatever I want to do to work up a sweat since I never get to, and is more sports-specific than running or rowing.

Then once I've knocked off most of my goals, start working on those last 3 backburner ones.

Probably working up to weights I want and doing things once and then quitting isn't the best modality, but whatever. I want to do something.

I keep trying to think about what other goals I had before BJJ. The pull-up one was huge, but kept having brachiaradialis/bicep issues. Deadlifting 220 was big, but I have DL numbers in there to work on already. I was working very seriously on posture for a long time, but honestly getting a bra that actually fits properly has been way more helpful than all of the techniques I've tried combined. It sort of stuns me that it took me 33 years, but I think probably like 90% of women wear a bra band too large and a cup size too small, which really messes up your posture. Anyway, other goals I've had in the past included running a 7 minute mile, which I did, but then I quit running b/c I was bored, and things like single-leg squats, Parkour type stuff, etc. I don't know which of those I really still want to focus on. I also have a punching bag and a TRX I could play with, and an ab wheel thingy... I can only do it from my knees with my back straight... God, and I have so many workout books... most of which I've done, but there's always more. I guess the goals I have above are good... I think if I can get all 14 I'll feel like I can move with efficiency, am pretty darn strong and have a bit of well-roundedness, plus some of my metcon back. And then hopefully by then I'll be closer to that last stripe...
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