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Skipped BJJ today. Just too much work to do.

My biz coach told me to do all of my pitches early in the week, deadlined work midweek, and if I had to do piddly underpaying work, to keep it to just one day a week, like Friday. So I've been trying hard to follow her instructions, but it's challenging because I'm pitching these amazing magazines and each pitch takes anywhere from 2 to 10 hours of research. I want them to be well-targeted and well-researched, but it just makes it hard to keep up with everything. I worked from 8AM today til now; it's 2AM, and only took an hour break or so to go to the garden. And I still have to send an editing test in, finish a query for this science mag I want to write for, proofread a book manuscript, do some blog curation and do a little more writing. Plus I have a phone meeting. Too much!

Food today was okay, I guess...
Breakfast: 2 eggs & 2 strips bacon
Lunch: salmon salad
Dinner: lemon mint chicken with green beans
and it totally wasn't enough chicken so I had 2 LaraBars.
I also had a chai today to try to get awake/stay alert while working.

Not ideal.
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