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Tuesday May 15th

Squat Clean
Up to 195#, miss at 200#

The first thing I did in todays workout was warm up quickly to 185, and proceed to miss it and drop the barbell on my knee. That told me I need to give it time before I can go heavy, so I did about 15-20 reps total in doubles and triples with between 135 and 185, went up to 195 and got it a few times, and missed 200 by dropping it in front.

Front Squat
Up to 245#, miss at 255#, back off 215#x3x3

So this was my first taste of training like an olympic lifter and I have to say, I liked it a lot. I can see how training like this everyday, with even more volume, can make you a physical bad ass. I'm going to start focusing on learning the full squat snatch and ramping up my training volume while I finish this cut. After that I want to do daily workouts like this one.

Front Lever - Tuck
19.5 seconds

Feels good man.
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