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Default question about core strength

hello.i am 10 years olympic weightlifter.i have a major problem in front squat.i have stuck and i cant improve any best front squat is 130 kgr for 8 months now.i believe the major problem is the core or upper back strength problem because when the load goes above 90% my upper back become kuphotic.a friend of mine told me to perform abs-lats exercise between squat sets to strengthen the core.also i read in the net that if the rhomboids and upper back muscles will be stronger this help in front squat,so i think to start face pulls and power raise for strengthen the rhomboids muscles.because i am little confused can you give me some advices to start a training program for core muscles?how often is ideal to train the core,with how many exercises and how many sets and reps?(i ask for these parametres because i dont want to overtrain)..i am looking forward to hearing for i have along femur and my somatotype isnt the best for squat
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