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Super frustrating day, today, dealing with people who don't do what they say and take credit for my shit and leave me madly scrambling at the last minute for them, and not able to meet my own deadlines, which means I have to invoice late, which leads to cash flow problems, and extra work, etc. etc.

Usually when this happens I eat tons of ice cream and drink lots of caffeine and stay up and work. Which I'm going to do tonight. And then I'm never ever ever going to do it again. I need to set some boundaries, drop clients who can't live by them, and since this is bringing out my bad side I'm pretty much done with it. Clearly I need to make some changes.

So anyway, I had to miss jits due to timing but even though I have no time for it I did get to Los Campeones because I was super pissed off and needed to lift things.

I did my 500 meter row in 2:20, so that's one goal I knocked off the list.

I worked on squats with a bar on my shoulder, and I did 65 easy and tried 85, which I did but it wasn't pretty. Then did it with the strongman log, but no idea how much that thing weighs.

Next, trying to hit the intermediate numbers on some lifts before I try to go to I won't die of DOMS.

Got a 75 lb. press, failed at 85, so did some more reps at 75. I want 95 again.

Got a 175 deadlift, still not near my old 220 and the 240 I want, but something.

Did some dips with 30 lb. assist, my right arm is still all clicky but it didn't hurt to do at least, just felt weird. I need to build some strength back in it.

So my goals for the next week and a half or two:

-climbing stuff
-jumping stuff
-100 lb. shoulder squat

-140 squat
-100 clean
-105 bench

-400m run

Breakfast: eggs and bacon
Lunch: wedding soup
Dinner: Paleo chili
Late-night bender: more sugar and caffeine than i wanna write about on a public log
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