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Default Periodization and deload

Big topic trying to be brief.

I've noticed that many CA cycles put in pretty decent amount of work before deloading (7-8 weeks seem to be normal) and deloading mostly occur before maxing.

I am very curious about the topic of periodic deloading and tapering in general. Would love to get a few insights into the backend of the program at CA. That perhaps is too much to ask since it might be business critical info but a pointer to where I can dig into the topic further would be appreciated.

I am designing a strength program which will last until new year and is thinking in either 4weeks on 1 off or 6 on 1 off and to taper before maxing out.The off week is "no barbell at all" week which I find scary.

Basically my questions are these I guess.

1. How much should one reduce volume/intensity i.e. taper the week before max?
2. If the "max" week is just a "X rep max" week should one really taper for that?
3. After the cycle (in my case 4w or 6w) is it proven that a complete rest week will improve the performance the next cycle or reduce the risk of injury?

Oh bytw thanks to advice from Amy here at the forum my lifts went up another 5%.


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