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Default hopefully not too off topic...

I suffer from workout ADD, (in addition to being old, usually injured having a 1 year old and studying a ton every semester), so I've not had a chance to try this out, but I 'd like to propose the following program:

Basically, the goal is to cycle squats and classic lifts so that the total load cycles along with the classic and squat lifts. Here is what it looks like if your back squat PR was 120k and your clean PR was 100k. Every time we get to a 100% week I'm assuming we set a 5k PR.

week 1
classic 70% (70k)
Squat 90% (108k) total load 178k

week 2
classic 80% (80k)
Squat 100% (125 new PRk) total load 205k

week 3
classic 90% (90k)
squat 70% (87.5k) total load 177.5k

week 4
Classic 100% (105K new PR)
Squat 80% (100k) total load 205k

week 5
classic 70% (73.5k)
squat 90% (112.5k) total load 186

week 6
classic 80% (84k)
squat 100% (130k) total load 214

Note that the combination of cycled lifts creates a natural deload, while allowing for a linear my 1 year old is waking up from a nap...time to be a dad again!

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