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Default Testing Results

As I prepared for my mass gain testing I had a sudden realization. I have only ever squat snatched 1 time and probably only squat cleaned 3 times.

Here is where I ended up.

Lift, Old PR, New PR
SN, 75, 85
CLN, 115, 145 (75% BW)
Press, 115, 120

I also tested bench at the end
BN, 185, 200

Today wasn't a stellar day as I have had 4 hours sleep the last 3 nights and my diet hasn't been exactly on target. I am pleased at where I ended up I just wanted to do more. I power snatched 95 and power cleaned 155 both easily. Unfortunately I didn't feel like I had the correct form to push any more today. I can't wait to start the strength cycle with testing each week. I feel like my limiting factor today was definitely technique (or more specifically the lack there of).
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