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The bad news:

1. I went to bed at like 5AM last night, and it's looking like 2 or 3 AM tonight.

2. I didn't go to BJJ today because I'm super super sore from not sleeping, lifting, etc.

3. Also, I'll have to stay up again tomorrow (tonight) and Saturday to work for Sherdog. Boo.

The good news:

1. Aside from that ice cream last night, I ate really well today. Paleo crockpot chicken soup, leftover chili, etc.

2. I'm finally really close to caught up with my backlog. I'm still waiting on tons of people, but it's more manageable, and all I have to do Friday through Sunday other than my usual stuff (and Sherdog) is proofread a book manuscript and take an editing test. And some scoring, if I have time. (And wait for people for the dumb project I was supposed to finish three weeks ago, but I'm thinking I harass people about that on Monday.)

3. Just found out we're gonna have a BJJ world champ working at my gym full time starting in a month. I should be really excited about this, but I'm having trouble getting motivated for BJJ lately. I honestly don't even care who is teaching; I just want to roll and I can't other than Saturdays and it sucks. But maybe this will help...

4. Finally made a Google doc with all of my goals, color-coded and everything. Prioritized, the whole bit. Cool.
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