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Marcus Herou
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Hmmm ok looks promising.

How would that work if I choose to work with:

5, 3, 1 reps of squat
3, 2, 1 reps of classic

I guess I need to summarize all exercises with a score from for example Prelepins chart?

Greg is maxing squat at the same time as classic and works from high volume+low intensity to low volume + high intensity.

Cant I just cycle that thought ?

Greg seem to like to switch intensity every other week i.e.
Squat 95% x 5 x Y sets
Squat 100% x 5
Squat 95% x 3
Squat 100% x 3
Squat 95% x 1
Squat 100% x 1

Max effort week is every 2nd I guess
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