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I got a ton of rolling in this morning, which was awesome. I got at least 7 matches, may have been 8, for 7-minute rounds. I definitely can feel my technique improving, which is great, but it's also frustrating because I know it's from the classes I find boring. LOL. The good news is that we have a black belt from Brazil who'll be teaching the advanced classes for 4 months or so, starting in about a month, and my coach said they'd be open to everyone. So if I can just hang on for a month, I'll have all the hard classes I can handle, and I'm sure by 5 months from now I'll have another stripe if I'm consistent.

Got in an interesting discussion with someone today about whether or not it was the right choice for me to go from a collar choke from back mount when I could've tried to sink in an RNC. I tend to think people spazzing/muscling will be less effective for them when I use the gi so am guessing a collar choke may be a better option for me, even though I like RNCs better because they look cooler and I see them on TV. But for example when I work my standing butterfly guard passes, if I go for an underhook from the top instead of a lapel grip, people just push on my head and standing base out, so I need that lapel... it's a smaller person thing and the person giving me advice was a million pounds... I think I could sink in a collar choke grip and hold it there even when someone's flailing, but hand fighting a spazzy dude with a RNC when he can just arm wrestle, I lose the entire submission. Anyway, something to think about.

Food today... Todd made this awesome breakfast which was an omelette with vanilla extract and peaches and things, so delish. Then after training I had the rest of that chicken soup, and we're going to eat leftover pork shoulder tonight. Probably have a half a beer during the fights.

Oh and I went to this party... was super stoked to get invited b/c I knew it was mostly Gracie Barra people and I'm Alliance and we're supposed to hate each other. And also there were people from the Academy (Sauer affiliate) and everyone hates everyone and etc. But it was totally cool and we all got along. And I didn't drink the vodka with pineapple everyone was downing, and had to leave before the sumo wrestling, but it was really nice to be there. And I had probably 2 or 3 handfuls of corn chips.

I don't know if all these cheats and snacky foods are adding up... I feel like they're all pretty little, and I'm still losing weight etc., so I think it's okay for now. I use a fair amount of discretion/restraint.

Will do some more MovNat type stuff tomorrow.
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