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Matt Morris
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Sorry for the abrupt post, but here's what I see:

I think you're off to a good start. On your snatch, the bar stays away from you throughout the lift. Make sure your lats are actively pulling the bar into you, especially during the second pull. To get a feel for what this is like, wrap a stretch band or rope around the middle of the bar, then set up for a lift. Have a buddy give it a tug and you'll feel your lats turning on to keep the bar in place while you maintain a good position.

on the 145 miss, your head was down and you didn't punch through on the catch. It also looked as though you pulled a with your arms off the floor...big no no.

on the C/J, I think you have a similar issue there as mentioned above, but not as bad. The second Jerk looked much better, but you just let the bar get in front of you too much. I like Greg's cue to aim for the back of your neck when you jerk.

Keep up the good work!

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