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Well, apparently taking a long walk in the park and working in my garden in the heat, followed by like 6 hours of sleep, followed by 8 7-min rounds of hard BJJ, followed by watching fights and drinking a beer makes me super sleepy... I was still working at 1AM and waiting for something that was supposed to get to me at 2 which I was supposed to edit and turn in that night... and my boyfriend found me zonked out on the couch at 4:45 when he was trying to figure out where I was and why every single light was on in the house. And then I freaked out b/c I missed my deadline, LOL. But nobody said anything when I sent it in at 4:47, lol. I can usually stay up until 2AM easy but was KTFO. At least I got a total of 9.5 hours last night. I am just really hoping one of the 500 projects I have in the bush pans out so I can be more selective about work I accept (i.e. no working past 2AM.)

No workout today. Food.. I got up for lunch, which was rotisserie chicken and some tomatoes. Dinner was sausage and sweet potatoes. Ate some handfuls of chocolate from Trader Joe's. So tired all day. Tomorrow will be better.
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