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Default Prilepin Tables for bodyweight strength isometrics and eccentric exercises

So, this is some more content directly from Overcoming Gravity, which is helpful in structuring isometrics such as the planche, back lever, front lever, cross, as well as some of the skill movements like handstand, L-sit, etc. Likewise, another chart was constructed for eccentrics which can be useful to work up to strength movements like one arm chinups or even just pullups or dips if you are just starting out.

I figured it would be good to release this because structuring loading parameters is difficult for most people to do, especially in regard to these two different types of exercises. This article serves to help answer the questions in regards to building strength and hypertrophy:

~ How long do the sets need to be?

~ Why are they that length?

~ What overall volume (sets x holds) is good for these types of exercises

Without further ado,

Also, if you were interested in grabbing Overcoming Gravity but living in a country other than the US, Overcoming Gravity is now available on the Amazons in the UK and the European Union!
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