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Matt Foreman
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I agree with what's been said. I also think you can use deload weeks in a "take one when you need it" manner. I usually pre-plan deloading weeks prior to starting a training cycle and then I stick with them as they're planned. However, I also have times when I'm training really well, everything feels fine, and I've got a deloading week coming up. Sometimes, I'll keep training hard when the deloading week is scheduled just to "strike while the iron is hot." Leter, when I feel like a deloading week is needed, I'll take it.

Overall, I'm a big believer in planning. But there's also something to be said for keeping the ball rolling when you're on a hot streak. You just have to make sure you don't abandon deloading weeks altogether because you're convinced that you'll never stop kicking ass. This is where having a coach with you all the time is valuable, because they'll make the calls for you.
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