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Well, my month at the powerlifting gym expired so I decided to go check out LifeTime for the free week pass, or whatever. They have a lot of cool equipment (kettlebells, ropes, rings, medicine balls, TRXs, etc.) but not a lot of room to use them, and of course super crowded. It's still kind of a good deal at $62/mo (plus I'd get $20 back from my health insurance if I went 12X/month), and they have all kinds of fun perks like $20 massages once a month and a nice sauna and stuff, but it's way too sterile for me, and no chalk and no bumpers. It's like fitness for people who want really nice stuff and it not to feel like fitness. (Not knocking them, but I knew I was gonna hate it once the guy talked to me about their pilates and yoga classes and chakra massages and fine locker room.)

On the agenda was just squats, power cleans, and climbing if I could find the setup for it. So I did squats up to 140, which was what I was going for, but I'm not really sure I was going deep enough. I did 5 or 6 to make sure it was deep enough and I'm sure a couple were below parallel but I'm still not happy with my form.

Then I was going to do power cleans, but some guy was hogging the weird elevated platform for-ever. I am so gonna go back to the powerlifting gym once one of these checks clears, lol. But sometimes it's fun to visit every single gym.

My coach said we can come up with a plan for BJJ to help me meet my goals, so that's promising, and I'm glad he's open to that. He's pretty damn cool but I've had so many gym situations go bad that it's hard for me to even talk to coaches sometimes about where I'm at and what I want...
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