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Default question about core strength

hello greg.thank you for the useful informations which gave to i want to ask a few question more about weightlifting training:
1)i have a little problem to keep the right position in second pull in haltind deadlift from 2'' inches platform a good assistance exercise to strengthen the muscles for this position?2)because my long femur i have the bad habit sometimes to start the first pull with the toes and not with the heels(but not too much so the barbell goes forward and lose the right position to pull the bar is second pull phase).do you know any exercise which help me?also i wear the adidas shoes which havent wooden heel.this shoe makes me to pull with the toe or isnt a problem for this habit?(i read your article about technique and long leg and it was terrific.3)if a lifter has the habit to raise the hips faster than the legs in the beginning of the snatch/clean a good assistance exercise to strengthen lowe back and hamstring is to slowdown the barbell asnatch/clean pull and fix this problem?4)which is your opinion about snatch/clean with small weights or from 2''inches platform?is good choice for a lifter who has weak first pull?my friend these are my question i hope you casn to answer to it and help me.i am looking forward to hearing for you...
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