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It's been an ice cream and brownies day. And no working out and not a lot of food since I'm spending hours upon hours cleaning my office, since it's the only thing I feel like I have any control over right now. I am a total basketcase today. This has kind of been coming for a while. Anyway, trying to figure out what to do. I've never been on meds but some acupuncture right now or some GABA might do me a world of good, and then I can stop listening to bad music. Blah. Training log will resume tomorrow. I'm kind of mad at myself for not getting to BJJ because my coach wants me to talk to him about coming up with a plan so I can train and also not be bored and meet my goals, while getting the fundamentals etc. he thinks I need... but I just don't want to be around anyone right now. Anyway, my goal is to at least have everything presentable before I crash in a few hours... I got 15 boxes down to what looks like it'll be 5 or 6, so that's a start.
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