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Default question about core strength

thank you greg for the anwer to my questions.also i want to tell you that in my club we have a 4'' inch platform but is too high for me to start from here in the snatch but in clean is i perform the snatch and snatch pulls with small weight for increase the range of motion and strngthen the first pull.i perform dobles -triples with 70-85% from my best snatch-clean(in snatch with small weights and clean from 4''inch platform).is ideal to perform max attempts in this exercise or not?also in halting deadlift to knee is ideal to stop at the knee for 3 sec for example?weights with 80-100% from my best snatch for 3 reps for 3-5 sets is good to perform or you suggest anything else?thank you again for the help.i am looking forward to hearing for you
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