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Feeling a bit more even-keeled today, which is nice. I totally love my new inspired home office, and it's nice to separate my work area at home from the rest of the house instead of it all blending together.

Okay, so I went to the box gym again and decided to hog their weird elevated platform thingy. Got a 185 dead, which is better than last week, but I was hoping for 200. Boos. I wonder if I'll get back to 220 again soon. Then I worked on c+js, but it's hard while on the weird platform setup they have. I think I only got up to like 65 or so. And then someone was hogging the squat rack forever, so I just did front squats with those weird midget bars with the weight already on them, got to about 60 and some guy had the 70 and wasn't sure I even wanted to try 80 since it's a bannable offense to drop a bar and I wasn't used to the shape. This whole visiting gyms for their sauna and free week pass thing was a dumb idea, I think. Anyway, then I played on the TRX and the rings and some of their fancy stuff for a little while. I totally miss the other gym, though. Maybe go back on Monday.

Food was just leftovers and an awesome crockpot balsamic roast over mashed cauliflower. Will probably eat some strawberries.
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