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2 hours of open mat today. Was really great. I made it a point to ask all the guys who wouldn't roll with me last week to roll early in the day lol. And they all rolled with me and it was good. The whole male/female dynamic at the gym is kind of weird I think because we used to have separate women's classes and not a lot of crossover esp. at open mat, and I think some people are apprehensive at first, but my goal is to win every last one of them over. Once we actually roll and they see that I can get sweeps, pass guard, fight for underhooks, etc. it's all good. They're all really good guys and the gym vibe is super good, so I figure it's up to me to teach people that I don't have cooties. I think the fact that a lot of the higher belts want to roll with me helps a lot, too.

Anyway, this also meant that I rolled with monster after monster after monster, probably about 12 6-minute matches, and I'm frickin' spent. I will feel it tomorrow.

Food today was just okay... Eggs, bacon and avocado for breakfast, lunch was ground pork with tomatoes, cabbage, carrots and onions (so good!), then I had bugs in a boat (celery with almond butter and raisins) and dinner was this great chicken crockpot meal with collard greens. And the during the fights I had a couple handfuls of corn chips and popcorn, oh and I had a drink which will hopefully keep me up, too; I don't want to fall asleep on the job again like I did last week and have to stay up til 3 or so to wait for these post-fight reports to edit/fact-check before they go live.

I give myself a B- for the day; good workout, food was good for meals but bad with the snacks etc.
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