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Main thing I would work on is pulling down under the bar more aggressively - and improving the mechanics of that pull under. You need to really force your elbows out and pull them high to get moving downward faster and closer to the bar.

Yes, your arms are bending a bit prior to your pull under, and it would be idea if they remained straight. Think of lifting your body rather than lifting the bar - the bar will follow.

Overhead position needs some work too. Bar is too far back in your hand - your wrists are not going to appreciate that as it gets heavier. Try to get it deeper in your palms while still allowing the hand to relax and wrist to extend as needed. Cradle the bar slightly behind the midline of your forearm.

Make sure you're not gripping the bar really tightly overhead also. Your elbows are soft - loose-ish grip, more stretching, more forceful elbow extension and shoulder blade retraction.

Also - is that Holley in the background? Where are you training?
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