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Memorial Day open mat this morning. It was cool because they opened it up to all the gyms in the area, and we only do that like three or four times a year. So I got to roll with a bunch of guys from the Academy (Pedro Sauer), Gracie Barra, Spartan, etc. which was cool. There's so much infighting and drama and politics in MN/WI BJJ/MMA, so it's nice when people get together from other gyms and everyone's chill. Anyway, about an hour of hard rolling. I'm noticing a lot of stuff I'm struggling with and also a lot of stuff that I am doing right on a regular basis. Lots to think about re: my game.

Rest of the day was getting sunburned at a Twin's game and catching up on the latest pile of work. I got an assignment to write about new stadium food for a local blog, so I tried the most Paleo options I could find: a giant meatball and a helmet of garlic fries. Dinner was pineapple pork ribs with mustard; pretty good.
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