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I walked a couple miles today at a very slow pace; probably a couple miles. Not that this counts for anything but fasted walks are fun. And then I did an hour of fundamentals, which was boring. We just worked on pulling guard, a scissor sweep variation from spider guard, and a progression at the end. I wonder if there is any way to get better at fundamentals without the super slow pace of this class, but there are only 16 days til we get the super hard training, anyway.

I asked a guy to partner up but then he asked me if I'd prefer to go with the brand new girl instead. This pisses me off because I don't want to be treated any differently because I'm a girl, or be made to feel that I ALWAYS have to partner with any other female in the room, and also b/c it's not really his place as a 1-stripe white belt to repartner people; our coach will move me with the one girl if he thinks it's necessary. I also just really want to work with people who are at my level or above if at all possible, at least while I'm forced to do the basic classes, though I guess this guy was a one-striper, but he wrestled and is closer to my weight than she was and would've probably given me some resistance. Oh well, at least I had open mats on Sat and Mon, and at least there won't be anyone brand new peeps in the intermediate class tomorrow, and I have to admit that I felt a small bit of satisfaction when said guy had to work with two no-stripe guys in a group of 3. But maybe he thinks that's better, since girls have cooties.

Anyway, hoping to join the powerlifting gym again for June and I want to do more kettlebell swings and Oly stuff.

Oh yeah, food. 2 eggs and a banana, the leftover shrimp tomato stuff, rotisserie chicken and strawberries with coconut cream.
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