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I guess walking is slightly better than nothing. I did an hour of weeding between yesterday and today, too, but not exactly a workout.

An hour of BJJ today; intermediate class. We worked on arm drags to singles, then an armbar from half-spider guard, and another armbar variation, plus some positional drills from half guard with grips. I really need to find a new way to get rid of my pent-up rage because 10 minutes of positional drilling after a slow-ass BJJ class ain't cutting it. I just can't seem to commit to and stick to a program... can never make up my mind what I want to do. At least we have a really kick-ass guest instructor teaching for a while in a couple weeks, with advanced class open to everyone, so I may actually work up a sweat and even have to wash my gi after class. I think even if things were perfect I'd still be all pissy. I have like 10 infuriating things happen to me every single day. And I am just one pissed off gal.

Food today was some leftover rotisserie chicken, the leftover shrimp/tomato stuff, 3 brats and some kraut for dinner, and a handful of dates.
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